First 5’s Sleep Safe Baby Campaign Partners with Black Fatherhood Legacy – No Surrender Laser Tag & Real Talk

We recently had the opportunity to be part of the “Black Fatherhood Takeover” event at No Surrender Laser Tag. This event was all about recruiting for the Black Fatherhood Legacy program with the Black Wellness & Prosperity Center. It was great seeing 17 dads and 30 kids participating. Our aim was to reach black fathers in Fresno could not only bond with their kids but also share their experiences, insights, and learn about the importance of infant safe sleep practices. During our time at the event, we conducted two polls: one on SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and another on safe sleep practices. Out of 33 fathers polled, just 3 could accurately define SIDS. Additionally, while 7 fathers understood the importance of placing a child on their back to sleep, only 4 were cognizant that the crib should not contain additional objects. The results from our polls highlighted a pressing need for awareness around SIDS and safe sleep practices in our community. Many fathers aren’t fully informed on these vital topics, reaffirming why Sleep Safe Baby exists—to bridge this knowledge gap and ensure that our community is equipped with the necessary information to keep our babies safe.

Apart from these polls, we distributed 40 “Black Fathers Matter” & “The ABC’s of Safe Sleep” brochures. Encouragingly, 12 fathers showed keen interest and signed up for safe sleep classes with the mother. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of giving out 10 onesies to dads awaiting their newborns and another 2 to fathers with young infants.

Engaging with our community during the “Black Fatherhood Takeover” was both eye-opening and rewarding. The feedback and interactions showed us that while there’s a genuine interest in keeping children safe, there’s still much work to be done in educating and raising awareness. It was heartening to see the eagerness of fathers wanting to learn more and their appreciation for the resources provided. 

As Sleep Safe Baby continues its mission, we are reminded that every conversation, every event, and every brochure handed out brings us one step closer to a community where every infant sleeps safely. Together, we can make a difference.


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