Real Talk with the Community during SIDS Awareness Month In honor of #SIDSAwarenessMonth, Jay Cortez Thomas with Sleep Safe Baby and Black Fatherhood Legacy led the charge, hosting insightful sessions across barbershops and salons. He shared crucial safe sleep practices, handing out pamphlets to expecting fathers and our signature ‘This Side Up’ onesies.  It was deeply moving to hear personal stories, including one […]

Join Us at the Juneteenth Event for Infant Safe Sleep Awareness!

Hello, wonderful community members! Mark your calendars for a special event. This June 17th and 18th, we’re participating in the annual Juneteenth Festival at Valdez Hall. But we’re not going it alone – we’re thrilled to be teaming up with the Black Wellness & Prosperity Center and Cultural Brokers, Inc. Together, we’re putting a spotlight […]

Free Onesie Campaign

In our continuous mission to protect the littlest lives in our community, we have partnered community-based organizations who have the same vision in protecting our children and promoting Infant Safe Sleep awareness. Our joint efforts aim to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Fresno County, ensuring that every baby enjoys safe […]

Semana Binacional de Salud 2022

Participamos en la #SemanaBinacionaldeSalud2022 con el Consulado de Mexico y compartimos una conversación sobre el sueño infantil y cómo se puede proteger a los bebés del síndrome de muerte súbita infantil. (ENG: We participated in #SemanaBinacionaldeSalud2022 with the consulate of Mexico and shared a conversation about infant sleep and how babies can be protected from sudden infant […]

New Campaign Launches to Increase Awareness about Safe Infant Sleep Practices

 FRESNO, CA: New campaign aims to educate and create awareness on safe infant sleep practices to help reduce the number of babies that die before their first birthday due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Fresno County.  Although many U.S. states and territories have seen recent decreases in sleep-related infant deaths, a review of […]

Why Is Stomach Sleeping Dangerous?

As parents, we want our babies to get some sleep. Not only does it give us a break, but we know the baby is going to be happier when they’re well-rested. So you do what 70% of parents have let their babies do, which is sleep on their stomach at some point, despite being told […]

Infant Safe Sleep Campaign

First 5 Fresno County recognizes the importance of equipping parents and caregivers with tools and resources as they support the healthy development of their children. Furthermore, we acknowledge the need to challenge the healthcare field to provide respectable and inclusive care and education to our communities. This is why we are excited to announce that […]